Online Casino Bonuses

The Welcome Bonus: Getting Started

It is easy for newcomers to become bewildered when first stepping out onto the online casino platform, mainly due to the sheer number of online casinos available on the internet.  New players are often undecided as to where to join up, not yet knowing the lingo, feeling unsure as to whether one casino actually offers better promotions than the next, the list goes on.  Many new players do not yet know the value of a good review, or what to look out for when looking for a reputable and fair online casino.

Next to fair and accountable, the deciding factor should probably come down to the size and terms and conditions of the welcome bonus offered by the online casino, also referred to as the sign up bonus.  The welcome bonus is only ever available to new players, in other words new player profiles, and is generally accepted to be the most handsome bonus that a player is likely to receive in all of his or her online casino journey.

Welcome or sign up bonuses are designed and meant to draw the attention of new players and entice them to join up and start playing.  Welcome bonuses come in many shapes and sizes – some casinos prefer to avail a once-off bonus value amount to players, whilst other casinos commit to matching any initial deposit made into the player’s online account.  There are also those who offer a certain match percentage of the player’s first real money deposit.

The welcome or sign up bonus is a great way to get any new players started, and the only prerequisite is that players should be familiar with the terms and conditions governing the welcome bonus at the online casino site that they wish to join.  This is because not all online casinos follow the same rules and regulations.  Bonuses vary in size and limitations, as well as with regards to minimum wagering requirements.

The Cashable Welcome Bonus

The cashable welcome bonus is the most popular of the lot.  This type of bonus is exactly as the name suggests: cashable by the player.  The only restriction will generally be a minimum wagering requirement – this will also vary from online casino to online casino.  It’s vital that players read the general terms and conditions page of the online casino with care in order to understand the process that must be followed in order to cash out the welcome bonus.

Customer support teams are also a great help with minimum bonus requirements and an explanation of the rules involved to players who need information.  Reputable online casinos offer 24/7 ‘round the clock support to their patriots, and immediate help is always at hand to assist with information, withdrawal procedures and all general operational hiccups.

The Sticky Type 1 Bonus

The sticky type 1 bonus may be used to play and make a bet, but the initial bonus amount may not be withdrawn by the player.  Only winnings made over and above the initial amount may be withdrawn by the player.  In short then:  the sticky type 1 bonus may be used to make more money, but the online betting bonus itself may not be withdrawn to the player’s personal bank account.

The main thing to remember when playing using a sticky type 1 bonus, is that the bonus will disappear from the player’s profile as soon as a withdrawal is made.

The Sticky Type 2 Bonus

The sticky type 2 bonus differs from the sticky type 1 bonus in that it does not disappear from the player’s profile upon making a withdrawal.  The base bonus amount may also not be withdrawn to the player’s personal bank account – as is the case with the sticky type 1 bonus – but the bonus amount will not disappear, and the player may continue to use the bonus amount even after a number of withdrawals have been made.  In essence then, the sticky type 2 bonus is more preferable than the sticky type 1 bonus.

Terms And Conditions

Reputable online casino sites will always have a transparent welcome bonus policy.  Players should be able to determine the restrictions and terms and conditions associated with bonus cash-outs, without too much ado.  If the information is not presented in a clear and understandable manner, then chances are that the site is not to be trusted, and players should steer clear of the particular online site.

The Free Games Welcome Bonus

The free games welcome bonus is at first glance not all that attractive, but players should take a closer look before simply moving on.  Free games are a great way to gather winnings in any circumstance, even when playing online slot games for real money.  No money leaves the player’s wallet, and all winnings get added to the kitty for free.

The welcome bonus may be presented in the form of a set number of free games, instead of an actual bonus value amount.

The Pitfalls

The old saying rings true when it comes to bonuses promoted by online casino sites: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Some online casino sites offer astronomical welcome bonus match percentages – in some cases promising to match up to 500% of the player’s initial deposit amount.  Players should investigate extravagant bonus offers before taking up these bonuses as there are usually stringent restrictions involved when the time comes to withdraw the winnings to the player’s own bank account.  Any percentage of more than a 200% match, should be looked into first.

The Online Review – A Handy Guide For Beginners

Online casino sites may not be the best place to try and find information regarding whether the particular site is a reputable site, or not.  This is where online reviews come in exceptionally handy.  Players are usually eager to warn other players about potential pitfalls and sites to avoid, unfair restrictions and extreme betting requirements.  New players are always advised to read a number of reviews before signing up to any one particular online casino site.