Sic Bo, Craps and other Dice Games

Sic Bo, Craps and other Dice Games

There are a range of dice games online that Canadian players can choose from.  One of the popular games is Sic Bo and is a game that will appeal to many players who enjoy a fast paced casino game.

Sic Bo

The word Sic Bo means “dice pair” which is strange as the game is played using three dice.  Players will also see this game being called Tai Sai (Lucky Dice) and Dai Siu (Big Small).  There are also English versions of the game such as Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck.  The Sic Bo board may look complex, but the rules are simple and easy to follow.  The dealer will throw the dice into a small cage and the players then place a bet on what the dealer will throw.  The combinations can be the total of the dice, if any number appears, if more than one number appears or a combination of certain numbers.  Every bet has a different payout which is based on probability.  Players can place as many bets as they want.


Another very popular online dice game is Craps. This game is played on a Craps table which is divided into different bet sections.  Not only is Craps popular online, but also in land-based casinos.  In this game players can place a bet on the pass line which means the shooter will be successful or the don’t pass line which means the shooter will be unsuccessful.

If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the first roll this will mean success, but a 2, 3 or 12 will mean the shooter is unsuccessful.  Any other total that is rolled is a point.  Once the point is set a player can choose to place an odds bet which is an amount the same as the initial bet or part of it.  This type of bet pays out true odds and is considered the best Craps bet much like all rows for online pokies games in NZ.  When the point is set players will hope that the shooter rolls the point before a 7.  If this happens this is a win, but if a 7 is rolled first the player will lose.


Canadian players can also play Yahtzee, an online casino game using dice.  Each game has multiple rounds and in every round players will roll the dice three times.  Players may choose to only roll the dice once or twice.  Once they have rolled for the first time they can either save the dice or re-roll the dice.  This is repeated and the player can decide which dice to play with.  They may choose to re-roll the dice a third time if it was not rolled during the second roll.

Yahtzee is played using a scorecard which has 13 different boxes for each round and after rolling the dice for the third time players must choose their categories.  The score that is entered is determined by the matching of the five dice with the scoring rule of that particular category.  The score card is divided into two sections, the upper and the lower.  A Yahtzee is scored when a player throws the dice and all five are the same.  If the player has already scored a Yahtzee they receive extra bonus points.

These are just three of the most popular dice games that Canadian players can choose from.  These games are all action packed and fast paced and who knows how the dice will fall.