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Is betting seasonal?

Is Betting Seasonal? In short, sports betting is not seasonal, no. Sports betting can be done all year round, as there are both summer and winter sports available and with the convenience of betting online Canadian bettors will never miss a betting opportunity, whether it be summer or winter. Winter Betting Opportunities The winter months […]

Handicap explained

Handicap Betting Explained A handicap in sports betting is most often found on sports such as football, rugby, tennis, basketball, any sport that is based on points.  Handicap betting is also found in racing, especially horse racing.  It is important that Canadian bettors understand what handicap betting is as it will affect the way that […]

Sic Bo, Craps and other Dice Games

Sic Bo, Craps and other Dice Games There are a range of dice games online that Canadian players can choose from.  One of the popular games is Sic Bo and is a game that will appeal to many players who enjoy a fast paced casino game. Sic Bo The word Sic Bo means “dice pair” […]

Origins of Keno

Origins of Keno It is thought that Keno has its origins in China. Cheung Leung from the Han Dynasty is said to be the founder of the game.  At the time it was founded Cheung Leung’s city found itself in the middle of a war and the city was desperately in need of resources and […]

Is smartwatch betting a future option?

Is Smartwatch Betting A Future Option? There is no denying that technology has made life easier and more compact. We live on the go with devices affixed to our pockets that act as an extended appendage of our personal being. The most radical of movements in the iGaming world has just been the mobile movement. […]

How tech has made betting better

How Tech Has Made Betting Better Online casinos and sports books have sprouted up throughout the world. There are literally hundreds of establishments available online with their own unique advantages. The online casino or sports book offers players from Canada and around the world a holistic betting experience that is even better than that of […]

Online Casino Bonuses

The Welcome Bonus: Getting Started It is easy for newcomers to become bewildered when first stepping out onto the online casino platform, mainly due to the sheer number of online casinos available on the internet.  New players are often undecided as to where to join up, not yet knowing the lingo, feeling unsure as to […]

NBA Betting

NBA Betting Basketball is notoriously difficult to bet on, due to the high scores and rapid score fluctuation, but that has not deterred any punters. The National Basketball Association or NBA betting is the second largest sports betting industry in America.  Since online sports betting has been introduced, NBA betting has grown enormously and is […]

Mobile Betting Australia

Mobile Betting Australia Betting done online through a computer has become the norm over the last 20 years, and many thought it would stay that way until the first smart phones were introduced into the international electronics market. The mobile smart phone changed many aspects of modern day life, giving people from around the world […]

Canadian online casino

Canadian Online Casino Options Though it can be said that there are tonnes of different casino options to find online, a good number of them are bound by certain laws and restrictions from going beyond their specific jurisdictions. So for the players of Canada this is rather a look into the specifics of Canadian online […]